Romantic and Lyrical Costumes

Giselle  Costumes

A Giselle Costumes is the most Romantic Of all the ballet tutus. Made in the peasant style with prairie top with puff sleeves and the a corset  laced with ribbons and then billowing into long romantic tulle. So easy and light to dance in.

Lots of romantic tutus to choose from in our online tutu shop. Many lyrical styles available.

Giselle  Costumes For Act 1

Giselle, Act I
She’s the young peasant girl in daffodil yellow or pink or blue. Usually depicting the more rustic feel. The dancer oozes gamine beauty and embodying doomed optimism. Often set in a backdrop of a country village.

A perfect Giselle variation costume will be a long romantic tutu with a corset or an illusion of a corset. We have many giselle costumes that would suit a performance for giselle Act 1

For Act 1 a Dancer is looking for the peasants’ costumes that can be different colours like blue, brown, yellow, deep red, orange, peach, all the different colours of the harvest, with applique of flowers and leaves.

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