Measuring And Size charts

How to measure for a tutu.

Have a look at the measurements we need for your custom made tutu.


how to measure for a tutu


When measuring for a Tutu, all measuremnts must be true..which means close to the body and not done through thick clothes. They can be in CM or INCHES.


Hips..from on top of hip bone and around.


Girth…loop over the shoulder..between the legs and back to shoulder

Bust at the fullest part, chest at fullest part for children

Waist height …from nape of neck to top of waist.

Full Height

Now! simply choose your tutu and put the measurements in the form next to each tutu. If you don’t have measurements t hand, you can just order and provide at a later date.

And Guys!!…..

Please dont worry about measuring..its easy to do and there is some leeway for little mistakes!

We do have standard sizes you can choose from too.


measuring for a tutu