Ballet Schools and Discounts

We offer ballet school discounts for bulk orders from ballet studios and ballet teachers. We endeavour to get prices down through negotiations with our manufacturers on multiple orders.

Additionally, if your ballet school recommends us and we  become your preferred supplier for your clients,  we offer generous  discount coupons to your dancers!

Discounts start from 3 tutus.

To find how much your collection of tutus will cost, simply choose a style and enter 3 or above and the discount is automatically is applied.

Our Generous ballet teacher discounts are as follows…….

3 – 5 tutus =  5% discount

6 – 9 tutus = 10 % discount

10 – 15 tutus = 15 % discount

16 + tutus = 20% discount

Ballet school discountsThese discounts can also be used for groups of dancers or students ordering together. Ballet teachers can just direct students to this site and they order!